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  • 4/17/2019

Anti-Women's Health Brief Filed at the United States Supreme Court on Louisiana Admitting Privileges Law

General Landry: In light of documented history in Louisiana, their position defies common sense. Notably, two of the three clinics in Louisiana are operated by Leroy Brinkley, who employed Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Louisiana women deserve to be protected from such physicians.

  • 4/16/2019

Rep. Omar Attended Terrorist Fundraiser

General Landry: Given CAIR's ties to terrorist activities, any rational person would agree that it is not a group with whom a Member if Congress should be associating.

  • 4/8/2019

Attorney General Jeff Landry Warns of New Hostage Phone Scam

General Landry: Scams like this are designed to frighten consumers into hastily sending their money to the callers. Anyone who receives calls like this should contact local law enforcement immediately.

  • 4/5/2019

Signs and Dangers of Youth Vaping

General Landry: I encourage all parents and guardians to be aware of the dangers of vaping and the signs to detect its use.

  • 4/3/2019

Seven Arrests in Acadiana for Child Exploitation

General Landry: My office and I will continue to work closely with our law enforcement partners to get child predators off our streets.

  • 4/3/2019

Louisiana Removes 30k from Medicaid Rolls, Attorney General Jeff Landry Responds

General Landry: The Governor should accompany today’s announcement with an apology to Louisiana taxpayers for the amount of fraud and waste his irresponsible actions caused.

  • 4/2/2019

Illegal Alien Previously Deported for Sex Offenses Arrested in Louisiana for Child Exploitation

General Landry: This arrest should serve as a wake-up call to Congress.

  • 4/1/2019

Framework to Protect Those With Preexisting Conditions Discussed at Press Conference with Attorney General, House Speaker, Senate Health Chairman, and Other State Leaders

General Landry: Our goal is to protect patients, ensure the coverage of preexisting conditions, guarantee coverage for essential benefits, and assure a robust marketplace for affordable healthcare with choices for the People of Louisiana.

  • 3/29/2019

Protecting Preexisting Healthcare Conditions and Other Louisiana Patient Protections, Attorney General Landry, House Speaker Barras, Senate Health & Welfare Committee Chairman Mills, and Insurance Commissioner Donelon Collaborate on New Legislation

General Landry: Legislation will promote patient protections and insurance coverage should pending litigation on the national Affordable Care Act be successful in returning power to the states for improving healthcare.

  • 3/22/2019

Governor Ignores State Law Again, Creates Constitutional Crisis: AG Jeff Landry

General Landry: The Constitution requires that the Governor submit a budget containing revenues ‘which shall not exceed the official forecast of the Revenue Estimating Conference.’ The Governor clearly violated this provision when he intentionally submitted a ‘Proposed Budget’ to JLCB which contained revenues in excess of the official forecast for fiscal year 2020.

  • 3/20/2019

Across Louisiana, Arrests Made for Medicaid Welfare Fraud

General Landry: It is troubling when people fraudulently receive benefits meant for those most in need.

  • 3/7/2019

Major Death Penalty Hearing to Be Held Next Week

General Landry is partnering with the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee under Chairman Mack to hold a full Hearing next week on why the State has delayed justice for family members of victims whose killers are still sitting on death row.

  • 3/1/2019

Mardi Gras Safety Tips Offered by Attorney General Jeff Landry

General Landry: As we pass a good time with the thousands of other revelers across Louisiana, I encourage everyone to keep these tips in mind and use good judgment.

  • 2/27/2019

Abortionist Suspended Immediately Following Attorney General Jeff Landry's Letter to Governor

General Landry: As I continue to defend reasonable safety-related regulations, like requirements that doctors who perform abortions have admitting privileges and are board certified, I hope the Governor will ensure that our licensing laws are being fully enforced and that the LSBME is performing its duties.

  • 2/25/2019

St. George Petition Certified by East Baton Rouge Parish Registrar of Voters

Pursuant to La. R.S. 33:3(A), the governor shall determine if the petition complies with the provisions of La. R.S. 33:1, et seq.

  • 2/19/2019

Several Child Products Recently Recalled

General Landry: I urge Louisiana parents and guardians to take a moment to familiarize themselves with the recently recalled child products. These products may potentially endanger yourselves or your loved ones.

  • 2/12/2019

Dismemberment Abortions Challenged by Louisiana, 20 Other States

General Landry: The law prohibits animals or death row inmates from being killed by dismemberment, and the same protections should be provided for defenseless unborn children.

  • 2/11/2019

Beware of Sweetheart Scammers

General Landry: An online love interest who asks for money could be a fraudster, so I encourage all Louisiana citizens to use vigilance.

  • 2/7/2019

Enforcement of Louisiana Admitting Privileges Law Temporarily Delayed by Supreme Court

General Landry: We remain hopeful that if the Supreme Court grants certiorari in this case, it will be to re-affirm that courts rule on fact-specific cases; because the facts in our case show Act 620 is constitutional and consistent with our overall regulatory scheme for surgical procedures.

  • 2/1/2019

Defending Rights of Sportsmen and Taxpayers, Attorney General Jeff Landry Urges Supreme Court to Protect Public Access to All of Catahoula Lake

General Landry: I am dedicated to protecting the rights of sportsmen to both access and harvest from our State’s bountiful waters.