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MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Court Halts Biden's Attack on American Energy

Federal Court Sides With Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, Issues Nationwide Injunction Against Biden Ban on Oil & Gas Leases on Federal Lands

BATON ROUGE, LA - In a major win for the Constitution, for workers employed in the oil and gas industry, and for all Americans who have felt pain at the pump - a nationwide preliminary injunction has been issued by Judge Terry Doughty, in federal court, halting the Biden Administration's ban on oil lease sales on public lands. This court ruling comes days after Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry's Office made oral arguments in U.S. District Court against Biden Executive Order 14008.

In response, Attorney General Landry praised the court for upholding the Constitution. "This is a victory not only for the rule of law, but also for the thousands of workers who produce affordable energy for Americans. We appreciate that federal courts have recognized President Biden is completely outside his authority in his attempt to shut down oil and gas leases on federal lands."