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Attorney General Jeff Landry Calls for Emergency Housing in Coastal Parishes

BATON ROUGE, LA - Attorney General Jeff Landry is calling on Governor Edwards to step up efforts, and put adequate pressure on the Biden Administration, to provide necessary housing for the victims of Hurricane Ida.

In a letter to the "leader of the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness," Attorney General Landry wrote: "I urge you to make this an immediate priority. I also urge you to put immediate pressure on the White House and FEMA to get temporary housing units into these impacted Parishes now, rather than weeks from now."

The AG's letter states that while wall-to-wall media coverage of Ida has ended, needs remain; and officials in Washington can not be allowed to turn a blind eye.

Attorney General Landry and his team have heard from local leaders throughout the Coastal Parishes impacted that housing is still weeks away despite an urgent need for thousands of units.

"Together let's not lose sight of this urgent need or allow the White House or FEMA to simply look the other way," concluded Attorney General Landry.