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Attorney General Jeff Landry Continues Defense of Parental Free Speech

AG Jeff Landry Calls Biden DOJ Directive as Unlawful and Threatening


BATON ROUGE, LA – Continuing to defend Louisiana parents and their right to free speech, Attorney General Jeff Landry today requested the Biden Administration to immediately cease any actions designed to intimidate parents from voicing their opinions on the education of their children.

“It is unconscionable that a President of the United States would weaponize the federal government against American parents expressing their First Amendment rights at local school board meetings,” said Attorney General Landry. “Joe Biden should be focused on the real spike in crime throughout our country, not on parents speaking up for their kids.”

In a letter to Biden and his appointed Attorney General Merrick Garland, Attorney General Landry and 16 of his fellow state attorneys general challenge both the premise and the legality of their DOJ memorandum calling for the FBI and other federal law enforcement agents to fan out across the United States and monitor activities in the Nation’s school districts to suppress what they deem unruly behavior. The Biden Department of Justice memo echoes a recent National School Board Association letter to the Biden Administration that laments the rise of parents pushing back against divisive ideologies, including critical race theory, and that raises the specter of local protests rising to the level of “domestic terrorism.”

Often, a parent's first interaction with local government is at a school board meeting, Attorney General Landry and his colleagues argue. “We as a country should celebrate their participation in our system of self-government, not silence them by accusing them of 'domestic terrorism' and threaten them with the prospect of the FBI knocking on their door to investigate their activities.”


Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is joined in the letter by the attorneys general of Indiana, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah.