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Attorney General Jeff Landry Response to Dismissal of Jefferson Coastal Litigation

BATON ROUGE, LA – Attorney General Jeff Landry issued the following statement after a wetlands damage lawsuit filed by Jefferson Parish was dismissed in the 24th Judicial District Court:

“I intervened in this lawsuit because I was concerned that the interest of the State of Louisiana may not have been fully represented or protected. I accept the court’s ruling because addressing the issues associated with permit violations through the administrative process is a cost-effective, efficient way to resolve any violations. That was clearly the purpose of the Legislature creating this regulatory scheme. I believe the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources has been given ample tools by the Legislature to address these issues. As the Chief Legal Officer of the State, I feel compelled to protect the authority and rights of the agency and to preserve the legislative will enacted in the statutory scheme. Therefore, I will not seek any challenge to Judge Enright’s ruling on this issue. These matters are better resolved according to the administrative procedures established by the Legislature in Title 49. Once the administrative process has been exhausted, we will be prepared to proceed in any manner which best advances the interests of the State of Louisiana.”