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Louisiana Laws/Regulations

The following statutes can be found on the Louisiana State Legislature's Website:

La. R.S. 12:201 et seq. Louisiana Nonprofit Corporation law
La. R.S. 51: 1901 et seq. Deceptive practices in Soliciting Charitable Contributions
LA. R.S. 47:287.501. State of Louisiana Exemption from Tax on Corporations
16 LA ADC Pt. III §515

Professional Fundraisers
La R.S. 51:1901 et seq. Charitable Solicitations

Commercial Co-Ventures

La. R.S. 51:1901 et seq.

Nonprofit Hospital Transactions

La. R.S. 40:2115.11 through La. R.S. 40:2115.23

Charitable Raffles

La. R.S. 4:701 et seq.

Charitable Trusts

La. R.S. 9:2271 et seq.

Telephonic Solicitations
La. R.S. 45:844.12 et seq., La. R.S. 45:844.31